14 February 2023 Pleased to announce a project that's been in the works for some time - a confession in verse called From Corinth. - 8 February 2023 Go Spell Death Backwards has been updated with new typesetting, or Go Spell Htaed, if you prefer, or sdrawkcaB htaeD llepS oG - take your pick. - 05 February 2023 A Dearth of Prose is re-released as a second new reset edition. This is the earliest collection of poetry I thought fit to release, now heavily edited and more readable. You can find it on the projects page. - public service announcement by continuing your use of this website, you agree to receive cookies which are neither chocolate nor even edible. - - 26 January 2023 A new edition of A Proposal for the Christian Arts is up on the projects page. Mostly just updated typesetting. - - "Did you no? Yes. But did you know that you can't make jelly in a kettle? No reason I bring this up." - Misadventures of Livi Paige, January 31-

Congratulations - or condolences, depending on your disposition for adventure. You were promised a perambulation, and stumbled into faerieland. You were promised a change of clothes, but the wardrobe gave the Amazon delivery warehouse a run for its money. You were promised a coherent website, and found mine. But to quote a dead man, "an inconvenience is only an adventure considered wrongly." Therefore I welcome you, wayfarer, to where I post my personal projects. It is my hope that the poetry and prose here may perhaps be of some aid to you in your pilgrimage, as they have been to me in writing them.



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