I am not at all certain that one is qualified to write a summary about oneself. These kind of things we don't see as well as other people do. So, in short, I will follow the procedure I generally follow for writing synopses: not writing them.

The Christian worldview is enormously beautiful, infinite, and terrifying, and demanding all of our hearts, souls, and minds. Through the lens of fiction we discern what we are often too dull to discern otherwise, namely by means of familiarity. This is the entire point of fiction: to make the ordinary extraordinary in order that we may see it as it really is. It was never really ordinary to begin with; our dulled brains were. In short, worldview is the fountain from which all thought springs, guided by its crystal brooks as it is in the pages of Scripture. In this essence art is the child of general and special revelation, whose only right place is to esteem its parentage. We love stories from our grandfathers, and value them not because they are inspired as Scripture, or as certain as the laws of gravity, but because they supplement; such as when in his youth he tried to pry the Bible from atop the tall oak cupboard, and was immediately confronted by each.

This website I had originally put up to keep track of my projects, and to see where I was currently at. I'm not at all sure it's met either of the criteria, but it is my hope and prayer that you find something of value to you in your pilgrimage, as these have been to me in writing them. You can contact me for critique, comments, conundrums, and various other categories starting with C, at mail at emervane dot com. I also have an FAQ here.


Clarke Emervane.