poetry | 2019 | 57 pages

In many ways, I think childhood is the apex of life. By this I mean not childishness, but childlikeness. Christ said as much when he said that whoeever does not become as one cannot enter. Furthermore, is maturity not learning to trust the wisdom of our divine parent over our own learning? In this way, our intellectualism and materialism are jettisoned for something unseen.

Children are much like this, dreaming of becoming faerie kings and queens until they one day 'grow up' and are told that is not a viable reality. But the aged apostle Paul said God has in store something so great it defies all imagination. In short, we adults are content to own the world; children are discontent with less than the universe.

Here is another collection of poems, hopefully better than the last. The main themes of which is this thought on the maturity of childhood/the childhood of maturity. It is said that to be happy we must make our lives here on this earth. I suggest that the opposite is in fact true: that the zenith of our life is when we are lost in God's apogee, a darkness in which we can see only Christ.

Author's note: This is a new reset edition, with the better poems retained, some editing, typesetting, and a new cover. Hope you enjoy.

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