Frequently Asked Questions

and also some infrequently asked ones

Who are you? Where am I?

My name is Clarke Emervane, and you are on my website at You may find slightly more on my about page.

Where do I start? What should I read first?

Supposing you know what you are after, you can find my projects here, or you could visit the sitemap and browse around, or you could also send me an email. You could also give up entirely and brew a cup of tea. I do that sometimes.

Are you after an editor?

Yes indeed I am, mostly for the purposes of 'bouncing ideas off' and some proofchecking. In short, you don't need to be qualified in any which way. I'm looking for a reader who can give a 'yea' or 'nay' to projects and project ideas. Honest criticism to help the direction of my writing. A Christian is a must. You will be credited.

Are these all your projects?

If you mean this question in the sense of 'do you own them?' then the answer is affirmative. If you mean the question in the sense of 'are there more?' then the answer is also affirmative. Not all projects turn out, unfortunately.

What accounts for the incongruity of some of your projects?

I received this question not with regards to incongruity of worldview, but extreme variation of literary quality, a la Crescent Black and Misadventures of Livi Paige. It's entirely reasonable, and indeed I expect as much from any label or author to have some homogeneity, however for lack of an editor, Olivia Paige has gotten out into the world, and I am glad for it. She still makes me laugh. I'm not sure if that's a good sign.

Seriously though, what number microwave do you think Ms. Paige would be up to by now?

I think that is worth a good bit of reasoned speculation. Seeing she ended her blog at the 467th microwave, with her 468th in storage, and assuming an expiration rate of approximately one per week... I think she could use some appliance giftcards.

I can't navigate your site properly.

Don't worry, neither can the search engines.

Why do you not publish on an actual platform?

It's a long story, but has to do with me leaking trade secrets, namely the secret to becoming a bestselling author. Here it is:

1. write a book
2. sell at least one copy
3. become the bestselling author of your book.

Why is your site green?

This is in compliance to the new global directives. If not in spirit, in letter.

What is your favorite project?

Probably Viridis Melodiae, it retains a sweet spot in my heart.

Will you write an entry for my Christian blog?

Quite possibly. Send me an email!

How do I contact you?

You can send me a letter at mail at emervane dot com for any comments, criticisms, conundrums, and other categories beginning with C.