from Heart of Love

Adown the corridors of time
I come to thee, beloved mine
whose feet are faster than the oak:
hark to the prophetess of Woke!
As like Prometheus from heaven
she has appeared, just short of seven;
her wisdom is so great that she
is called by God a mystery!
But shall thy memory deride
hist’s accolades, to fall aside?
Shall subjugation of all things
restore thy rightful place as kings?
The luminaries born of Hell
can answer that, and very well!
Where doth the dragon draw his hoard?
Beloved, on the road named Broad!
Forthwith affection bids me write
lest our great adversary of light
might charm thee from the sirens’ cave,
not to Poseidon, but the grave
which thunderous from Horeb’s shore
forth issued: but ye fear no more.
What subjugation there is shawled
within their knowledge-falsely-called
where penance doubles Sinai’s kiss -
or is not ignorance called bliss?
Compunction, thou shalt truly see,
myopic means to ecstasy!
The sphere across, their only gains
to joy in fell Judecca's chains;
but has the remnant taken sum,
and counted Pandaemonium?
But ye who have from us received
immortal minds, and have believed
upon the solipsistic word
need tremble not at the absurd,
servile to doctrine as the reed
of Egypt, fragile faith indeed!
Lo, in those days illumined not
came science, else they had forgot
from stardust was our native name
grown simian, ascending frame
through time's mutations waxing great,
adaption's mind - at any rate,
crawled out from the primordial stars
so we could drive our motor cars.
What then shall tell of liturgy
but clutching bars, faith's embassy;
and to redeem the human state
under the thumb, emaciate?
So let us all then now dispense
of metaphysics, and their sense,
seeing the universe at last
perambulates out from the past
in paradisiacal air
whose fruit equality, and where
remitted guilt of class esteem
restores the lost utopian dream;
whose Avalon they shall not leave,
neither for Adam, nor for Steve.
There fixed, or free to every mate
as at our foremost blessed state
bound only by the natural law
of the fraternal tooth and the claw,
man's adoration shall not vie
against the collar and the tie
where lovingly our past estates
are subdivided by the states
that sans-culottes not clash for bread:
we scan a number on the head!
His ordination of the least
ineffable, whose name is Beast,
whose scepter shatters David's kings
insistent still on wedding-rings.
Yea, come sojourner from afar,
for we have seen his natal star;
here prosper shall ye, and succeed,
a signatory, and indeed
inscribed eternal on his roll
for the low purchase of one soul!
In unison come stand to be
with those redeemed from history.
Out from the stars' abode I fly
to mediate this word, and I
shall swift deliver if you please.
Yours truly, Mephistopheles.

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