from An Apogee

The chrysalis will bear a man
circumscribed, to foulness fouled,
in darkness of all purity.
The Essene watch, errant,
yet prefigurative. In darkness
the man comes, lantern on,
voiding the bounds of mountains.
The phosphor fragmentation of his beam
the sapphire reclaims, and winks:
beneath kings and feet,
far from the eye, a spacetime
of schist and stone:
black, with glittering eyes.
The astral impersonator, subject of man,
ape of animal kings,
has voided mountains and coexisted with stars.
The sempiternal hand likewise
o’er the brooding chrysalis watches,
formed in soupy ferrofluid by plasmic bonds,
suspended from a leaf.
The hiker nor the bird disturbs its rest
until the darkness is complete.

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