from Take Me to Church

He came on Sunday, Havilah's wed child
now draped in irony and form of gods
the palace to ascend, with cherubs crowned
and pomegranates circuited, the dais
inlaid with gold; with flowers heavy-thronged
the mass unsaid, for here The word of god
unscarred between wood palms and chains of gold
unbloody sits, horns of democracy
unveiled Moses beams, the prophet great.
Exceed the frames of youth, thou ebon sun.

Prince of preternal conjurings, O god
of state to resurrect by cross' death,
thou hast elected industry forestalled
upon the girth of lampstands twain; an art
to syncopate the ocean's bleeding heart.
Let arras and the ziggurat proclaim
the stock of Jesse in the midnight clear.

Herald of sempiternal lightnings flashed
from orient amid the thunderstorm,
and even unto occident the sele
in fitful trances gilt with unlit fear
rung portent's jaded bell to nether worlds
and doomed the morning star of Cerberus
amid the vintage shattered on the prow.

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