from Go Spell Death Backwards

O Hermes, pardon my late distress,
fling wide the doors to travel back,
for nothing of this nothingness
repents a future on the rack
where I have gazed ambitionless.

But I have cast my eye out overhead
where rings the falcon reamed with blazing gold,
and thrown my lot in with the antique dead,
and to the furtive banquet of the fold
have sold my happy spirit, and unsaid

the vows are spoken, and I go
where beats the darkness white on black
the eagle, oft repeating so
"I dare not go, but looking back."
Now surely, if I only know

that Heaven solely filled my late duress,
then titan spirits hound the gates of old
and clamor for their scion's loneliness
to bear them godspeed to the arches gold
where broods the ancient Dove. O Sacredness,

where is the summit of the seer
heavy with harp-sound? where I go,
only the howling fills the ear
of Acheron; but surely though
the gated paradise is here,

as is the sun hid in the moon's arrest
within her nightly chambers; queen she is,
the phoenix sole is imaged in her breast
so that she may not move, while over Dis,
from proving that her dying, as the rest,

shall only armor her to God;
and as paternal voices grow
where dark the storied undersod,
the canticles are sung, and lo!
I am rejoicing as I go.

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