from Heart of Love

Down-heralded from hoary ages past
and mediated on the seraphs' wing,
inscribed by him whose hands drip galaxies,
whose intimation spans immortal minds;
spun by the sacred dove of heaven; ringed
by love and holy fire interbred,
a condescension unforeseen! the worlds
shall not outlast the shimm'ring oracles
flashed from the rivulets that sparkling streamed
down where thy Spirit's sanctities had beamed
and wove upon the tongue of trawler men
a prophecy more fixed in mortal time
than all theophany, and Virgil's rime.
Base subterfuges of the human mole
illumined, scorn now wisdom of the hour
and pow'rs that from the dead would reave the soul.
Near Hell's declension, cthonic vision faints
at the fell trumpet-blasting, pole to pole,
sealed and delivered to the saints.
Let not my bones forget the etching there,
nor yet the marrow Heaven's fire conceived
when rolled this moldering tent-frame to the earth
and wax bards lyrical about the pall
struck with the transverse ribbons of the cross;
snowed with the crystal rivers, thirst allieved,
let our rebirth in broken stammer tell
the flaming secrets of the evangel.

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