from Heart of Love

O dawn! O innocence's lair!
where dewlets gleamed on halcyon bud
within the corner of the wood,
immortal childhood stood, and fair!

and where the yew thy forest-home
had spilled its ivies there to climb,
thine artless voice unvoicing mine
had seized the soul of all who roam!

The muses moved mistakenly
wrest from their native verse, and clime
drunk on the nectaries of rhyme
spilled from thy purse, Calliope!

Thine embryonic sun, O child
in flaming filaments adown
thy shoulders lapsed, and on thy crown
prismatic. Poetry had smiled;

that elemental wonder down
from titan infancy proceeds;
the tiger-lily sat, and weeds
waved briskly on her sodden gown -

and sudden stricken as the hart
his soul departed, as sublime
between the yew-tree and the lime,
as on his cane he walked the park.

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