poetry | 2017 | 49 pages

This is a poetry collection. It's like prose, but without the prose part. I'm uncertain how else you introduce poetry.

The thing with writing, but with poetry in particular is that it's never quite right and never quite finished. Words never capture reality entirely, and, unless we are trying to explain cold hard fact, there is usually something indescribable. Poetry is valuable because it is one of those rare times when the soul generally speaks as much as the brain. For this reason, poetry, even when it's bad (like this probably will be), can be helpful. Thus, I hope this exercise proves more than just how pretentious I can be.

So, without further ado, here is a collection of poems I am still not happy with. I hope you find something in here.

-C.D.E., 17/11/17

Author's note: This is a new reset edition. What is a new reset edition, you ask? Well, it is the original edition, but with updated typesetting, a new title page and major editing. In short, the bad poems are removed, and the better ones edited for clarity and readability.

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