report | 2017 | 60 pages

Having a few years back read various biographies of 'secular' giants such as Isaac Newton, and Johan Kepler, and having learned of their religious faith which in fact was the catalyst for their scientific explorations, I was surprised. This was because I had never heard of it, most likely because 'secular' institutions do not generally want to teach it. Over a few years, and especially the year of this project, I've discovered numerous other gigantic figures in the history of culture: not only in the field of science, but in art, culture, literature, and so forth.

In the process of sifting through biographies, I soon found that, although there are some excellent resources for Christian figures in a particular field, there is no broad-brush catalog of notable Christians who have shaped our culture. So my aim for this project is to bring together the notable names we know, but are not taught they were Christian. As I explain in my introduction, I hope to do three things through publishing: first, for those who consider Christianity outdated and puerile, that they might kindly reconsider; two, to educate believers in our own grand history; three, to inspire Christians to carry on the great creative works of God.

I hope you enjoy it, and benefit from the study as much as I have.

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