short stories | 2020 | 74 pages

""As to faith," he said, smiling, and evidently unwilling to leave Rogojin in this state - "as to faith, I had four curious conversations in two days, a week or so ago. One morning I met a man in the train, and made acquaintance of him at once. I had often heard of him as a very learned man, but an atheist; and I was very glad of the opportunity of conversing with so eminent and clever a person. He doesn't believe in God, and he talked a good deal about it, but all the while it appeared to me that he was speaking outside the subject. And it has always struck me, both in speaking to such men and in reading their books, that they do not seem really to be touching on that at all, though on the surface they may appear to do so. I told him this, but I dare say I did not clearly express what I meant, for he could not understand me."" -Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

This doesn't really relate to what's in here, but I thought to leave you with something that I found edifying, since this synopsis won't be, namely because I couldn't decide on one. You may have noticed a theme with my projects. But here is a collection of six short stories (one in verse) that I have collated, each with an illustrated title page. Having seven separate stories, a synopsis was a bit impossible. But I hope you find them enjoyable, and worth your while.

- The Princess and the Crown
- Bob, Who Was a Melon
- Evensong
- The Burning
- Martha, Martha
- Those With Crowns

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