novella | 2016 | 52 pages

Viridis Melodiae was one of those books that 'just came to me,' which I believe I wrote in two (long) sittings. It is one of those books, that although short, I hope benefits multiple reads. In the writing process of drafts upon drafts, I have enjoyed this novella perhaps most of all my projects.

Viridis Melodiae is about Vincent and Melody, two friends in an awful childrens' home. It is a low fantasy, metaphorical faerietale telling a simple story of eternity in the present, and of longing to be free. Vincent is a simple child ridiculed by the school system, and Melody is the old headmaster's daughter under the weight of almighty expectations.

Viridis Melodiae, like all things, has taken me a long time to decide to publish. Sharing one's writing is much like opening up your soul to public critique. What if readers do not appreciate, or misunderstand the intent? And there is always the trepidation of the angry online crowd. Nonetheless, I hope you benefit from it as much as I did writing the novella.

DOWNLOAD VIRIDIS MELODIAE (pdf delivery, 52 pages)