novella | 2019 | 54 pages

Re-releasing new editions of an old work, and passing it off as a new work is always a dead giveaway of a dodgy author. Digital releases make people lazy these days.

There are two things this project brings together: namely an old novella, and the tradition of decorated manuscripts. I have always had a fondness for the personality and color of the old marginalia; I think they add much flavor to a book. In all honesty, Viridis still remains as the one thing I am most proud of ever having written, I think it the closest to what a faerietale should be.

Viridis Melodiae is a short story about Vincent and Melody, two friends who have grown up in a most awful home for children. Vincent, the dapper jester; Melody, the morose scholar. This is a faerietale of sorts about their friendship, and an imposition into their lives of something otherly. Both are extremely flawed in different ways. Both become beautiful in their time.

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P.S. If you would like the original, plain-text version, you can find it here.